Are you a young adult or professional with high functioning autism or Asperger’s syndrome? Do you excel in school or work but often feel isolated and have a difficult time establishing and maintaining relationships and could use some guidance in this area? Maybe you have a hard time adapting with independent living skills and need a little support with planning, organizing, prioritizing, and executing? The truth is, managing the daily aspects of life is hard; finding meaningful connections is incredibly hard; and even harder is navigating complex relationships, especially when our lives are inundated with school and work demands. It’s quite easy to put all our energy in the areas we excel in and feel comfortable with, while neglecting the areas that are more challenging for us, such as relationships and self-care. My goal as a therapist is to help my clients to live a fuller and more balanced life by helping them to develop effective ways to respond to life’s challenges and cultivate meaningful relationships. I believe that everyone has areas in which they can develop and grow in, and sometimes, getting help in these areas is exactly what we need in order to live a more fulfilling and balanced life. I also believe that this kind of growth and self-improvement can be experienced by everyone. It first begins with authentic connection, which starts with you taking the first step to connect with me. Now you might feel uncertain about contacting me. I want to reassure you that this is a normal experience. It’s often difficult for most people to acknowledge that they need support; and it’s incredibly anxiety evoking to trust and embark on this journey of transformation with a stranger. Yet in my experience, individuals who are willing to take a risk and try out therapy often feel more centered and at ease overtime; they become more independent; they develop a healthier sense of self; and they grow in ways they didn’t anticipate. The overall benefits to therapy are often lifelong. Should you choose to begin this journey of transformation with me, we will undergo this process together. For as long as you need me, I will be walking with you, guiding and encouraging you along the way. You definitely deserves to be listened to, heard, and understood by a caring professional who is committed to helping you flourish. So why wait? Why not give yourself this gift by reaching out to me so that together we can determine how I might be of service to you?