Establishing Healthy Boundaries for Children and Adolescents by Dr. Munn, online psychotherapist for professional women of color and child and adolescent psychotherapist in Mountain View, CA

Hi parents, this is Dr. Munn. I want to talk about what healthy boundaries are and why they’re important. Healthy boundaries are parameters and structures that are set in place to allow for your children to feel a sense of internal safety. Let’s say you tell your children you’re going to be home at 6pm. It’s important that you follow through, and if you can’t, it’s important that you communicate this and allow your children to express any feelings they might have about your inability to follow through. So why is this important? Follow through allows your children to feel that you’re reliable, and reliability establishes a sense of internal trust in you as the parent to care for their basic needs. It cultivates a sense of internal safety, which is necessary for healthy development. That’s it for today.

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