The Value of Affirming Children and Adolescents by Dr. Munn, online psychotherapist for professional women of color and child and adolescent psychotherapist in Mountain View, CA

Hi parents, today I want to talk about the value of affirming your child. In a previous video I talked about negativity bias, which is the notion that we as human beings automatically and unconsciously bias negative experiences over positive ones. Therefore, it is critical that you affirm your child today, highlight their strengths, build their resiliency and their sense of self. Whether you realize it or not, your opinion matters; it has significant weight. So, encourage your child today, affirm them, and counter the negative automatic thoughts.

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Disclaimer: The content in this video is only intended to increase your knowledge on parenting and child development; it is not online therapy. If you’re concerned about your child’s immediate safety please call 911 and consult with a licensed clinician about any clinical symptoms you are observing in your child.

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