Self-care: what is it and why should we care? by Dr. Munn, child and adolescent psychotherapist in Mountain View, CA and online psychotherapist for professional women of color

Self-care is about taking care of yourself by attending to your needs in order to be your best for yourself, your children and those who need you.

Sometimes when I have a rough day all I want is ice cream but then my mind tells me I don’t deserve it or need it because it’s not healthy or good for me. I’ve learned to tell myself that there isn’t anything wrong with having an occasional ice cream, if it’s what I want and need, it’s completely okay. These thoughts about what I deserve and don’t deserve, should and shouldn’t do, are automatic, and I have to actively challenge it with affirming and nurturing words.

All of us have internalized messages about what we should and shouldn’t do, who we should and shouldn’t be, which may or may not be healthy for us and in line with who we are or want to be.

We can also often be quite avoidant or neglectful of our bodies’ needs. Today I urge you to tune into your body, affirm it, and give it what it needs. Self-care is about helping you to be your best in all areas of your life.

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