The Modern Woman by Dr. Munn Saechao, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Child & Adolescent Psychologist & Psychotherapist in Mountain View, CA; Online Parent Coach & Life Coach.

I’m always on the go, from one thing to the next. Yesterday I misplaced really important documents; over the weekend I lost my really cool sun glasses.

When I start losing things this is an indicator that I’m overwhelmed and need to slow down. It’s hard to slow down when there are many demands and expectations. The challenge is, I live in a culture that rewards overwork and consumption and it can be difficult to slow down.

Moreover, I live in a culture that expects modern women and mothers to work a first shift and go home to a second shift, all while maintaining poise, good looks, and a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Based on these cultural notions and unrealistic expectations about womanhood and motherhood, it seems that the modern woman is set up to fail if she strives to meet these modern standards and expectations.

High achieving women and mothers, my encouragement to you is to slow down; take a moment to reflect on where these messages about motherhood and womanhood emerge from, and what it means to you. And of utmost importance, be kind to yourself when you don’t meet these societal standards and expectations about motherhood and womanhood, you’re human.

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