The demands of modern parenting by Dr. Munn Saechao, Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist in Mountain View, CA and Online Therapist for Professional Women of Color

The demands of modern parenting are vast and great. Attending to one task is nearly impossible. When one has to work, take care of the home, and raise children, caring for oneself such as getting 7 hours of sleep seem nearly impossible.

While the demands of motherhood and womanhood are great, this is more of a reason be intentional about making time in your day to check in with your children about their feelings. You may not be able to devote an hour a day to attentively listen to them, however making it a point to listen carefully with curiosity and undivided attention even if it’s for several minutes will cultivate the felt experience of feeling validated and valued.

I encourage you today to be intentional, check in with your child, and listen attentively to them. Create an experience that cultivates strength and resiliency.

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