How to promote a growth mindset in children and adolescents by Dr. Munn Saechao, Online Therapist for Professional Women of Color and Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist in Mountain View, CA.

There is power in our words. Our words can be both destructive and healing. It’s important that we be thoughtful about how we speak to our children and adolescents.

Can you recall a time during childhood when someone said something hurtful, and when you think about it, negative feelings or self-doubt arise? On the flip side, can you recall a moment when someone said something positive and encouraging and when you think about it, you start to smile? In this same way, consider how your child might be experiencing something similar when you speak words that foster growth versus words that foster self-destruction.

What we take in from our environment during childhood impacts our sense of self perception and how we navigate relationships in the future. I encourage you to put forth a concerted effort to foster a growth mindset in your child. You have the power to help them develop a “growth mindset” and become healthy, thriving adults.

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Disclaimer: The content in this post is only intended to increase your knowledge on parenting and child development; it is not online therapy. If you’re concerned about your child’s immediate safety please call 911 and consult with a licensed clinician about any clinical symptoms you are observing in your child.

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