Mindfulness by Dr. Munn, online therapist and coach for professional women, and child & adolescent psychotherapist in Mountain View, CA

Mindfulness is the state of being present with the mind, body and spirit.

Nature allows me to slow down and disconnect from the stressors and demands of daily living. In fact, I find the need to be in nature at least once a week. Of course it takes time and effort, but the pay off and gains are great!

My mood is better, I’m burning fat (I know why you’re thinking, what is she talking about?), my mind slows down and my thoughts get clearer; in fact, my most creative thoughts will often come when I’m running or hiking; I get vitamin D, and a little tan while I’m at it (with sunscreen on of course)! These are several reasons for why I hike in nature! 

How about you? Why do you hike or walk in nature? Please share. 

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