Children Need Boundaries to Control Emotions by Dr. Munn, Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist in Mountain View, CA & Online Psychotherapist & Coach for Women with ADHD, High Functioning Autism, Anxiety & Depression.

Since young children do not yet have the ability to control their big feelings and body, setting limits for children will help them to develop their prefrontal cortex, also known as the “upstairs brain, “which is responsible for emotional regulation, good judgment, problem solving, and inhibition, to name a few.

When we set limits that are concise, clear and consistent, we are developing our children’s prefrontal cortex. By helping our children to understand the rules and limits of our social and cultural environment, we are developing their consciousness and moral compass.

While it may be hard to set limits because we want our children to be happy and receive the desires of their heart, it’s our responsibility as adults and caregivers to help our children to become empathic, morally sound, and productive members of society. One of the ways we can do this is to set limits that are developmentally appropriate, consistent, clear, and concise. Your interactions have a significant impact over your children’s personality development and the people they’ll become as they get older. Knowing this, will you choose to impact them today?

If you need support with setting limits and boundaries, seek a child & adolescent therapist.

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Disclaimer: The content in this post is only intended to increase your knowledge on parenting and child development; it is not online therapy. If you’re concerned about your child’s immediate safety please call 911 and consult with a licensed clinician about any clinical symptoms you are observing in your child.