I'm Dr. Munn, online therapist and coach for professional women and girls. I deeply enjoy working with diverse populations and specialize in treating anxiety, depression and ADHD.⠀ I am very passionate about working with professional women to foster their growth mindset, increase self-compassion, and develop coping skills to manage the stressors of living in a highly pressured and demanding environment.⠀ Additionally, I am extremely passionate about working with teen girls to increase mindfulness, distress tolerance, coping strategies, and executive functioning skills to foster emotional regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, and adaptive functioning.⠀ After working in the mental health field for 15 years, I have found that it's quite common for individuals to have a dual diagnosis, such as a neurodevelopmental disorder, accompanied with anxiety and/or mood disorder. Thus, the patients, families, and adults I work with present with complex symptoms and require a unique and culturally sensitive treatment approach to improve overall functioning.⠀ In all, the work of being a psychotherapist is intricate, challenging, interesting, and very rewarding. I am truly humbled at the opportunity to connect with so many unique and gifted individuals and families, and feel privileged to do what I love, which is to help individuals and families to strengthen, heal, and transform.⠀ If you’re located in Silicon Valley, identify as a professional woman, or you're a parent with a teen girl suffering from anxiety, depression and/or ADHD, please feel free to email or call me and together let's see how we could work together to reach your goals.⠀ Webpage: drmunn.com Email: drmunn@gritmindsettherapy.com Instagram parents: https://www.instagram.com/dr.munn/ Instagram women: https://www.instagram.com/therapy4women/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/counselingwithdrmunn/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/drmunn

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